Japanese bolster pillow Hachiko

A muliti-function bolster pillow, which is made of high-quality Foam, helps to support different body parts and brings the softness for a perfect sleep.

Price 1.790.000

A good friend stands by you at bedtime

Inner cover

PU Foam

Support body

The combination of high-quality Foam and elaborated design help to support the body, bringing gentle and comfortable feelings all night long.

Bring comfortable sleeping shapes

Smart construction helps to reduce the body pain while ensuring high ventilation and providing comfortable sleeping posture.

The first bolster in Vietnam made of 100% Foam

INOAC’s Foam technology with special parallel cutting structure will bring you a cool and airy feel all night long, letting you quickly fall into your perfect sleep.

Each Hachiko pillow comes with an elastic and high-quality cover that brings users soft and comfortable feelings.

Our commitment

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