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AEROFLOW is a trademark of INOAC Living Vietnam, a subsidiary of INOAC Japan.

Company name




Incorporation Capital

720 million yen

Representative Director

Soichi Inoue (CEO)


1.705 (as of December 31, 2015)

Net Sales

161.600 million yen (as of Dec. 2015)

Main Businesses

Development of materials based on polyurethane, rubber, plastic and synthetic materials; development of products using these materials; and the application of new material products in automotive, two-wheeled vehicles, information technology products, housing and construction products, as well as products closely related to consumers' lifestyles, such as cosmetic goods

Head Office

2-13-4 Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 450-0003

Head Office (Tokyo)

4F Osaki West-city Bldg., 2-9-3 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0032


Sales Headquarters, Tokyo, Chubu, Hokuriku, Osaka, Kyushu, Minamikyusyu, Sapporo, Tohoku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka and Hiroshima

Research Laboratory

INOAC Technical Center Co., Ltd.

Overseas Locations

North America, Europe, China, South Korea, Southeast Asia

corporate philosophy

INOAC intents to create a beautiful forest comprising many trees of varying characters, rather than raising a single tall tree.

INOAC was the very first to start the foaming technology of polyurethane in Japan and has become a leading company of polyurethane technology.

However, rather than specializing in a single area of business, INOAC added other materials such as rubber, plastics and compound materials.

As if we were creating a vast forest with seedlings, we developed many new businesses (=trees) by handling such new materials

INOAC has expanded its business like a global forest that reaches to Japan, Asia, USA and Europe with varieties of unique specialties in material development, product manufacturing and service supply to contribute a more comfortable life for society.

innovation & action

INOAC, as a talented group, has lead the world's material research in the area of high polymer chemistry, and continually develops and optimizes technologies for the market needs with its talents and years of experience and INOAC prides itself on these areas of strength.

INOAC believes that it is unique and free thinking and energetic action which enables us to create products which go beyond expectations.

This is what makes us a leading company full of innovation.

INOUE RUBBER CO.,LTD (IRC) began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes.


MTP KASEI CO.,LTD (MTP) was established as a manufacturer of Polyurethane foam


Started manufacturing PU foam for the first time in ASIA.


Entering into the automotive components business TOYOTA ToyoAce adopted urethane insulation for the first time in Japan



Established Anjo Plant in Anjo, Aichi to meet the rapidly growing demand for polyurethane foam. Began building production bases around Japan.


Established Hukla Japan Inc., a joint venture with Hukla GmbH of Germany and Matsuzakaya Japan to manufacture and sell sophisticated furniture. Entered the furniture business.


Commenced the production of cosmetic containers, beginning the cosmetic container business in earnest.


INOUE MTP CO.,LTD was established as a result of merging the industrial rubber and plastic business of IRC and MTP.


Renewed company name to INOAC CORPORATION.


Established INOAC Technical Center, Co., Ltd., a comprehensive research institute in Hadano, Kanagawa


Integrated the living and lifestyle goods businesses to establish a new, comprehensive planning and sales company INOAC Living Co., Ltd.


Introduced YES system, an environment-friendly polyurethane foam manufacturing system at the Yana Plant, for the first time in Japan


Established Taketoyo Plant in Aichi to manufacture PORON®, microcellular polymer sheets.


Established Inoac Housing & Construction Materials Co., Ltd. to deal with housing materials and piping materials for infrastructure.



Commenced production of PURECELL®, the thinnest foam in the world.



INOAC has manufacturing and sales networks across the world with the main sites located in North American and Asian countries. Our R&D facilities, INOAC TECHNICAL CENTER, are located in Japan, China and North America where our R&D teams work and collect information from around the globe to take full advantage so that INOAC can enhance its innovative approaches.


Besides domestic networks across Japan, we also have worldwide headquarters in the U.S., China and Thailand. Additionally, we locate production, sales and development sites in North America and Asia as well as in Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore.

We have diversified our business all over the world.

To accommodate local requirements and needs, we are able to suggest manufacturing systems on a global scale including R&D, technology to process and mold materials and mass-production.

Inoac Automotive (Thailand) CO., LTD

Inoac Malaysia SDN.BHD

Inoac Group North America, LLC

Inoac Polymer Lanka (PVT) LTD.

INOAC in your life

INOAC contributes to your life in many ways.

INOAC offers various products including:

  • Components for automotive
  • Bullet train and motorcycle
  • IT sectors such as personal computers, mobile phones
  • Housing sectors
  • Rubber products
  • Cosmetics such as bottles and foundation puffs.

The various types of materials which INOAC manipulates along with the world's top level technology contribute to realize more comfortable and convenient life.

Promise To Our Future

INOAC's challenge is keep on offering the promise of a rich and comfortable future.

To contribute to the environmental technology, INOAC will strive to establish safe and comfortable technology for projects such as eco-house, geothermal energy applications, and R&D in the area of agriculture.

As forests co-exist with the entire ecosystem, INOAC also co-exists with society, respecting human rights and the environment.

INOAC also has an initiative for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) through cultural events and human resource development. Through these activities, we believe that we can enrich society through genuine communication.

“Innovation & Action
...Keywords for a promising future